Hello, Again

And where exactly have I been the past month? Working. Contemplating my existence on the planet. I kind of lost touch with what I was supposed to be doing with this blog. I wanted to talk about my adventures and my fandoms, but as of late, I haven’t had much to talk about.

I REALLY want to buy a house next year, and that means I have to save every penny. Which means I can’t take my trip to Europe next year without hurting my chances of the down payment on a house. And yes, part of my brain thinks “well, if you can’t do both, then maybe this isn’t the right time for a house.” Because that’s just how I think. I have enough money for both, I just want to have more than enough for the house. Things could happen that could alter the house buying option. I could lose my sanity and need to run away. But in the meantime, no trips until then.

So where does that leave this blog?

Up in the air honestly. I’m no good at this, and I’m reaching 8 people, but I don’t want to give this up either, so I’m going to reinvent this blog into something I can actually make my own.

I’m still a wandering fangirl. I’m just going to be wandering even slower than before.

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