Our First Trip

Before we got married, my husband and I made a deal that we would travel to at least 1 country and 1 state a year. A little ambitious for us since my husband is a cook and works weekends at a place that doesn’t offer paid vacation. I mention weekends because if we both had weekends off, weekend trips out-of-state would be a lot easier.

I always read about people who quit their jobs and start travelling full-time. That idea is so intriguing, and I think about it every morning while I’m taking my 45 minute to an hour commute to work, but as kick ass as that would be, we want way too many things to do that. So I’m hoping to use my budgeting skills to be able to afford multiple trips a year.

Before we combined our finances, I had a rainy day fund, so instead of being a grown up and paying down my student loans more (I’m still in school so everything I pay is just a bonus), I decided to surprise my hubby (hereby known as Randy) for his birthday.

His present: A weeklong trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Since our honeymoon trip was ruined (read that short story here), I wanted to splurge a little bit because we didn’t go out of country as planned. I searched a great amount of places and things to do and talked to a friend who just came back from Tokyo.

I decided on a few must do things:

  1. Baseball Game
  2. Fish Market
  3. Robot Restaurant
  4. Pokémon Mega Center

Obviously over the week we’ll be doing a lot more than that, but these are the MUST do. Our trip would be a bust if we didn’t do these things.

And since I cannot keep secrets for very long, Randy has also been looking into places to go.

Once we come back from the trip, I’ll post awesome pictures and go into detail about our budget, and hopefully with good news that I didn’t go over (we REALLY like to eat).

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