Honeymoon Fail


I got married last August to the sweetest guy ever. We had booked our flight for our honeymoon about 5 months before we were supposed to leave on Spirit Airlines. A friend of mine had told me about Spirit Airlines and how cheap their flights were (you pay extra for luggage and better seats). We got two round trip tickets for an 8-day (Tuesday –  trip for about $500, but after adding 2 carry-ons ($70 each for a round-trip – you pay $35 each way), bumping up to their BIG Front Seats for another $70 each for a round-trip, and taxes, our total was almost $800 which was not terrible to me because I was a complete noob about travelling.

Anywho, day of our flight comes, we drive tothe airport (3 hour drive), and we have received two notifications by then that our flight has been delayed a few hours. Ok. No biggie. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10 pm, now it’s going to leave at midnight. We call our transportation in Costa Rica to let them know. They were very accommodating and understanding.

11:50 pm rolls around and no one has started checking tickets or anything. I’ve been on a few flights before and know at least that the flight time isn’t the time we check in, we’re supposed to be on the plane. A new notification: flight delayed 30 minutes. Well great.

At 12:15 am roughly, the lady at the desk makes an announcement: “Flight XXX leaving from Houston to San Jose has been cancelled.” There are people SUPER pissed. A lady next to me starts crying and telling me this is the THIRD time that Spirit has done this in the past 2 weeks to her. She’s been trying to get to Costa Rica to pick up her kids before school starts because her and her ex have joint custody and they visit him during the summer.

We went downstairs to talk to a Spirit representative, but they were closed and we had to wait. Instead, I decided to call Spirit Airlines to find a new flight out. The next available flight out was three days later (a Friday) with a 24 hour layover in Florida (Saturday) before arriving in Costa Rica the next night at midnight (Sunday). For anyone keeping tabs, that’s a total of 5 days before we actually made it to Costa Rica, leaving us with only 3 days for our honeymoon. We looked into last minute flights with other airlines, but there was just no way I could justify 1200 dollar tickets. I also called the hotel to see if they could accommodate us for an extended period, but this place was booked solid, not to mention my husband couldn’t take the following week off of work. So we cancelled our flights and hotel room and headed back to Austin.

A few days into our very depressing honeymoon, we got a notification from Spirit that our return flight (had we been on it) was also cancelled even though it was still 5 days before it was supposed to even take off. Once we received our refund from Spirit, we used the money to go to an Astros game and we bought some new furniture for our new apartment.

It wasn’t what we wanted, but hey, at least we got to spend time together. Now I’m hell bent on making this year’s trips count.

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