Hello World


I started this blog for my own sanity. I wanted a place to write out my dreams, my fears, and my journey into discovering how I, a newly married 20-something college student who works in Corporate America, can still find fulfillment in only 4 weeks a year of vacation.

I call myself The Wandering Fangirl for several reasons:

  1. I am a Fangirl. I have a mild (ha) obsession with all things Harry Potter. I’m part of SuperWhoLock religiously. I read comic books and play video games until my eyes are bloodshot. I will shut out the world for however long it takes to finish a good book.
  2. My mind wanders… A LOT. Do you ever feel like you have a higher calling to do something or you just KNOW that what you’re doing at work isn’t what you are supposed to be doing forever? Yea. Me too. But then you start to think “hm, well I am really comfortable here. I have a great job, and I want things, so I’ll stick around.” Yea. Me too. I always get those urges to just run away somewhere, yea know? But then my mind starts wandering and wondering, and I stay put.
  3. I also really like to travel. Now before I get into this, I haven’t actually been to a lot of places. Like maybe 3 states? But I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures and the beauty of the world. Call that growing up in a one horse town and some very close-minded people. I’ve always wanted to just get away, but there’s always a reason I’ve never just gone away (we’ll get into that later).

So there’s that. Me. The Wandering Fangirl. I hope you stick around. Maybe we can encourage each other to grow out of this mindset and set ourselves free.


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